Foreshore Technology unveils Dredging simulator at Seaworks

logo   by on June 2014

Foreshore Technology unveiled their dredging simulator at Seaworks 2014.

Invited to share a stand by GPS Marine who currently use Dredge Master software, the dredging simulator attracted a huge amount of interest with many conference attendees trying out their digging skills.

The simulator was running Dredge Master Backhoe and included a control unit to handle input from the joysticks and spud leg controls. Although initially put together just to demonstrate how easy the software is to use, many attendees commented that it would be a great training tool for backhoe operators.

As well as the backhoe dredging simulator, Foreshore Technology demonstrated all of their marine construction suite which generated a great deal of interest with many attendees commenting that they had never seen such impressive software tailored specifically for marine construction.