About Us

This is our chance to let you know about Foreshore Technology, what we do and why.

The problem we solve

We have worked in the dredging industry for a long time, over 20 years. In that time we have worked with quite a few dredge monitoring systems all over the world. The dredge monitoring systems out there can work, but you often need to spend too much time and effort understanding them. In some cases you need the cost of a full time employee just looking after and managing these systems.

What we we really wanted was a system for the dredging operators on board the vessel, simple to learn and use but at the same time powerful and precise.

How we solved it

We assembled a team of engineers, all experts in their fields, and created DredgeMaster a dredge monitoring system for the dredging operators. These are the requirements we set:

What we do now

We install the DredgeMaster range of products all over the world helping our customers to be more efficient and productive. Our customers are amazed at how easy the system is to use and the information it provides. Just ask them! Most of our work comes from word of mouth, from companies who have seen the system being used in real time and seen the benefits it has brought.

Having seen how well DredgeMaster works, our customers often ask us to create bespoke software and systems for other parts of their dredging operations. With our team of experienced software, system and maritime engineers we have all of the skills and expertise necessary to be able to do this on time and on budget.

Above all, we help you concentrate on dredging.