The dredger must work all the time, day and night

This is the most important thing you will hear in the dredging industry because the cost of a break down is truly terrible. No dredging company of any size can afford stoppage time.

We have been working for 20 years with dredgers in the most severe marine environments on Earth. We have repaired many brands of equipment and seen how these systems can fail. Because the Engineers at Foreshore Technology have this experience they know how to design equipment that will survive!

Foreshore Technology hardware is working worldwide in the harshest marine environments from the frozen -40°c in Finland & Norway to the roasting hot +45°c in Africa, not just 'some of the time', but all of the time!.

We believe we have the world's most intuitive and reliable dredging software but this needs to be fed with data from reliable hardware to have the 'Ultimate Dredging System'! So far, to date, Foreshore Technology have never had to supply a replacement sensor cabinet part on any vessel, that is what a good design can do!

Our design rules