Trimble Grade Control System upgraded to Dredge Master Backhoe

logo   by on September 2016

Foreshore Technology have upgraded an existing Trimble Grade Control System (GCS) to their Dredge Master Backhoe software by linking directly to the grade control harness. Unlike other systems interfacing to the GCS there is no need to keep or have the Trimble GCS unit.

The company using the Trimble GCS was having trouble using the system on a barge platform as it was difficult to track their progress underwater. They are using a 3 boom system and regularly swap between a bucket and clam depending on whether they are cleaning / dredging or placing stones.

Foreshore Technology have developed a small interface box that links directly to the existing grade control harness and reads the existing Trimble sensors. In this way Foreshore Technology were able to replace the small GCS display and processing unit with a ruggedised marine computer with two large displays so that the operator can now easily see and track his progress under the water. This includes dredging progress with a bucket and stone placement with a grab.

The operators also now benefit from all of the features in Dredge Master version 5 including the ability to track multiple layers and work anywhere on site without the need to load in new design files.

Foreshore Technology also installed a new footpedal to allow the operator to quickly perform surveys using the tool tip as well as aiding in stone placement.