Dredge Master Trailer installed on the Britannia Beaver

logo   by on January 2015

Foreshore Technology have just returned from Amsterdam after installing Dredge Master Trailer onboard the Britannia Beaver during her dry docking.

Foreshore Technology delivered all of the required software and hardware for the trailing pipe,loading and engine monitoring as well as making use of existing sensors on board. The refit was done within two weeks during a scheduled dry docking resulting in zero down time.

As well as showing the exact position of the drag head and pipes in both vertical and horizontal planes, the software also logs the depth of the drag head against a seabed matrix. Survey data can also be loaded into the system to provide the operator with an accurate picture of the seabed beneath the drag head.

For navigation, the system supports ENC charts and also displays a dredging trail that is conformant to both UK and French Dredge licensing requirements using the existing on board Dredge sensors.

Dredge master Trailer on three screens

A Foreshore Technician accompanied the Britannia Beaver for her first dredging run to calibrate the system and provide training to the crew.

Follow up visits have also been scheduled to introduce the more advanced navigation features of the system which will eventually replace the legacy map plotting equipment currently on board.